Ihr Warenkorb ist derzeit leer.

Shipping in foreign countries

Unfortunately, I can no longer send queens to foreign countries. ( I can make make one exception- see below.)

I am very sorry about this, however:

-Unfortunately it is much easier to send queens 700km to Berlin than 50km to Luxembourg. This is because for shipments to other countries in the EU I have to apply for a European-health-certificate (TRACES) for each individual consignment (and I have to declare each queen number). This is a huge bureaucratic and financial effort.

- The national post service explicitly accepts the shipment of bees. Most of the international services don't and the delivery times are longer.

- In recent years, summers have been very hot. For internal shipments I can use an express-overnight service in these circumstances, however this doesn't exist for shipment to foreign countries. This means that often I haven't been able to send queens on the planned date. Given the changing climate, I don't expect this to improve in the future.

I can make an exception for tested queens (Breeding-mothers with the complete testing and breeding dates). The price is €450 plus shipping charges and €10 for the TRACES. However, there is only one shipping date: the last Tuesday in April. If you are interested, I will send you a list of available queens in March/April. To protect endangered native populations, I will send these queens only within EU countries, excluding Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sicily in accordance with the regulations of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Toleranzzucht (AGT).